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Mwah Flowers, Your Local Brooklyn Florist

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We're a real brick and mortar florist located in Brooklyn.

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Mwah Flowers
1086 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11221
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Julia bartholomew-kingJulia bartholomew-king
last month
My thoughtful sis ordered flowers for me from this fantastic florist! They were super good communicating with me about the delivery, the delivery guy came up the four flights to hand the bouquet and most importantly, the flowers are just stunning! Beautiful flowers, great company. Now I know where to order flowers here in Brooklyn. Good job, Mwah!💋
Michelle PerezMichelle Perez
last month
Beautiful flowers and design. I received so many compliments about how great they looked. Amazing experience, courteous staff and great communication from start to finish! I would absolutely use them again.
Tonya MorriseyTonya Morrisey
2 months ago
I live in Raeford North Carolina and I can tell you I’m very impressed Mwah Flowers! The staff is very professional and prompt. I highly recommend this florist to everyone. They have delivered a 5-star service. On behalf of Hoke County Sheriff’s Office we appreciate them. God bless.
Bianca BatistaBianca Batista
2 months ago
Amazing Service - Fresh Flowers 💐 Originally, we’ve scheduled a delivery for the next day at morning time. Upon receiving the flowers we were so pleased that we placed another order for a same-day delivery. We were not disappointed either time! The second delivery was delayed but they were right-on with communication and updates! The flowers/Roses were super fresh and just beautiful! We’ll definitely recommend this place! They made every penny worth spending!! 🙌
Skyler SuSkyler Su
2 months ago
My experience with Mwah Flowers was amazing. They really took the time to make sure they got my order correct and were able to work quickly delivering my flowers within the same day. They were very communicative and personable. 5/5 recommend!
Lyle SchoberLyle Schober
2 months ago
The flowers were beautiful. My nephew also ordered flowers (the cross) loved them. You did a great job and they were actually bigger than I thought. It was a pleasant surprise.
Tanisha HaywardTanisha Hayward
2 months ago
I wanted to send some sympathy flowers to my sister and her mom, living in Baltimore I have no glue of a nice flower shop. So I Google some places in their area and came across Mwah Flowers. Steven was very helpful, very patient and very professional. Thank you
Tiffany JohnsonTiffany Johnson
3 months ago
Best florist in Brooklyn! I literally took an entire week of calling around to basically all of the local florist in search of one that could produce a "Lavender Reflections Spray" for a funeral. I received some telephone responses that confirmed that there was no way I could trust the people on the other end with such an important order. This was a "Standing" Spray and I had a few florists tell me that they had no easels. One lady actually told me they would deliver the flowers and leave them for us display how we choose, I was appalled! Another woman had a television blaring in the background, and she sounded as if I woke her up with my call, it was like mid-day. Being in a different state I could not hand pick the flowers, nor could I see the florists' work or verify delivery so I had to find a place I could trust! After hours of reading reviews for other places (including the big names like Teleflora & 800Flowers) and looking at customer pictures and an overwhelming number of poor reviews, I read the reviews for this place. I decided to call, and I initially spoke with Chester. He answered all of my questions and confirmed that they had easels in stock for the standing sprays, he told me which flowers he did not have in stock and the ones they would replace them with, he verified the arrangement would be similar to the size of the one in the website picture and that they would be able to deliver my order on time (this was TWO DAYS before the funeral). Needless to say, I placed my order!!! The day of the funeral, I was super nervous - again I am in a different state. So, I called an actually spoke with the florist that created the arrangement. The name was Harry I believe. They advised me that the reason I may have had so much trouble locating anyone to create the arrangement I selected was because most florist hate to make that particular one, but this was Harry's favorite one to make. I was thrilled. I requested a proof picture since I was not there, but Harry said they did not want to ruin the surprise for me but that I should rest assured that I would not be disappointed. I trusted them and I have no regrets. I had a family member take a picture for me and the flowers were breathtaking. Unfortunately, Google did not allow my pictures to upload for this review. Perhaps I can update it later, but I highly recommend this place. I have already referred my friends and family in NY. Thank you MWAH! You saved the day! I never write reviews, but I promised Harry if I was pleased with the outcome that I would. You kept your word, so I'm keeping mine. Thanks!
Adam SchneiderAdam Schneider
3 months ago
Amazing customer service. Went above and beyond on two beautiful arrangements - delivery was perfect and they took extra care to make sure flowers were left in a safe spot. Even sent photos upon delivery!
Ardys FlavelleArdys Flavelle
4 months ago
Mwah Flowers (great name!) made a beautiful large vase of flowers and delivered them within 2 hours, and at 7 PM when I learned that no-one would be there to accept the delivery until then. Excellent product and service and really friendly people.